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2003 Gregory Byers

Cedar top, Indian rosewood back and sides


A fantastic guitar by one of America's very best makers! I get compliments on its sound nearly every time I play in public. It is dark, rich, and very powerful.  This has been my main concert guitar since it was built for me in 2003.


2015 Stephan Connor

Spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides


Steve finished building this guitar for me at the very end of 2015. I expected to have to break it in for months before it would be ready to play in public, but it sounded so great that I gave a performance with it after owning it for only two weeks. It has a beautiful, clear sound, with incredible sustain, and it is getting even better over time! It is a joy to play.

2019 Matthew Rubendall

Port Orford Cedar top, Indian rosewood back and sides


This is my newest guitar. It is a great instrument from a builder whose reputation is growing very quickly. The treble range is clear and round, and the bass is rich and very powerful. When I first went to Matt's workshop to try out his guitars, I was really just looking for instruments that would be suitable for my students. But the three guitars I played were so good, and the price was so reasonable, that I ended up buying one of them, even though I was not in the market for a new guitar at all. It was a very good decision.










Pro-Arté Carbon, Normal Tension (EJ45FF)


I am proud to be a D'Addario Artist and to endorse their strings and other products. I think they are the best strings in the world. They sound fabulous, with warm, singing trebles and powerful, rich basses. Their quality control is unsurpassed; I can't even remember the last time I got a bad string. (Sadly, this isn't the case with other brands.) Their packaging is eco-friendly, and they lead the industry in their support of classical guitar festivals and emerging artists. And if that isn't enough, they're made in the USA. That's why I'm a fan-boy!

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